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Here are some handy tools for installing the Auto Cool Controller.

"Keep it Cool with Auto Cool."


Use a laser temperature gun to measure your radiator and engine temperature.  Point the spot on a black surface to have better accuracy.   A bright or white surface will not read the correct tempature.


You can find these at Harbor Freight Tools and Home Depot.


Use a DC volt meter to measure battery voltage.   If you have an alternator not charging your battery, this simple meter could save you time to find the problem. Test your battery voltage with the engine running.  It should be around 13.8 volts DC.  If you find it at or below 12 volts with the motor running, the system is not charging.  You could also have a wiring problem.


You can find these at low cost  meters at Harbor Freight Tools.


A DC current clamp is very handy to measure the current of fan motors.   With Auto Cool Controllers, measure the full RPM current at 12 - 14 volts DC.



They can be found on Ebay.  However be very sure that the current clamp you purchase will measure DC CURRENT!!!

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