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Our return controller policy

The Auto Cool Guy will accept return controllers under the following rules:


1:   Returns can only be accepted for 90 days from the date of purchase.

2:   The returned controller can not have any wrench marks on the base, or marks on the cover.

3:   The controller must not have any missing hardware or screws on the black connector.

4:   The returned controller must have a copy of the purchase and show email and phone number.

5:   Any items that need repair on the returned controller will be subject to charges.

6:   Refunds will be sent via Pay Pal with a restocking charge of 10 % plus cost of postage to the buyer.

7:   The returned controller must have the sensor with the returned controller.

Lost in the mail policy

Based on a package to took 30 days to arrive in New Zealand, please allow at least 31 days for your package to arrive to the far reached of the world.  After 31 days, the Auto Cool Guy will take action to track it down or replace your controller.

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