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The new Auto Cool 200 is now in production!

Designed for Diesel motor homes, semi-trucks, and large

motor cooling requirements.


Watch this YouTube video that compares brand X to our 

Auto Cool 200 Pulse Width Modulated controller.

we now have the AC 200 in gloss black case!

Caution: language may offend some viewers in this video! 







The Auto Cool 200 for diesel radiator temperature control:


*  One year warranty covers parts, labor or exchange.

*  Pulse Width Modulated fan RPM radiator temperature control.

*  Soft Start limits inrush DC motor starting current.

*  Save energy and fuel with this "Electronic Fan Clutch."

*  Radiator cool down timer - 1 minute after the ignition is switched off.

*  Fail Safe will put fans into high RPM with small switch on dash board.

*  This is your electronic fan clutch system.

*  1/4 inch brass bolts for FAN and GROUND terminals.

*  A/C fan RPM preset with small pot on side of controller.

*  Radiator temperature control will over ride the A/C fan speed.

*  Use all standard sensors from the Auto Cool Guy.

*  Rated at 200 Amps.

*  Powers one or more fans to 200 amps.

*  Fused at 250 Amps.

*  Internal jumper between FAN A and FAN B.

*  Made from .125 inch aluminum plate top and bottom.

*  Made with brass and stainless hardware for rust prevention and long life.

*  Case size: 8 x 5.5 x 2.4 inches.

*  Weight: 2.4 pounds.

*  Cover is powder coated.

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