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October 19, 2017

Creative Bus Sales in Chino just purchased eight new Auto Cool III controllers to be installed on new trolley buses for the Riverside Transit Authority.  RTA requested Auto Cool III controllers to be installed based on the track record of the Ford F450 & F550 buses.

The Auto Cool Guy is now supplying the Auto Cool III controller for brand new Ford F450 & the F550 buses that run on natural gas, propane and gasoline.   A total of 36 new buses are being retro-fitted by Creative Bus Sales in Chino, California for the Riverside Transit Agency.   The stock Ford cooling system has a problem with over heating in the hot summer months in Riverside, California.  The Auto Cool III has proven to be very reliable since the first controller was installed last October 2014 at Creative Bus Sales in Chino, California.  Above photos taken on 10-20-15.   Eight more Auto Cool III controllers were sold to Creative Bus Sales in November 2017

AC III  10-25-19 A.jpg

 Michael in Brewster, Ma. just installed our Auto Cool III in this super Mopar.  He replaced the old relay control system that failed.


Hi Darryl,    3-7-2016

We finally have your Auto Cool III installed in the car.  Great news, it works flawlessly, exactly as expected, and has solved our problem running our power-hungry Derale 16825 Dual Fan assembly.   These fans draw a lot of current on their own and just having them on a simple on/off fan controller resulted in huge electrical draw (lights dimming, etc.) every time they engaged.  Not to mention they howl at full speed. 

See Joe's remarks on his new Auto Cool III on our EMAIL page.


Greetings Mr Darryl:

Here are some new pics of my 6 year Mustang build and the installation of your controller.  It works great as expected.  Thanks so much for the outstanding customer service. Salute rendered.

Thanks, Jefferson USMC

The proud owner of this Porsche installed the Auto Cool III Controller in Australia to control his radiator temperature.

After the Auto Cool III was installed in this Aston Marin in the United Kingdom, the owner remarked that this is the first time he could run the air conditioning in slow traffic!

This is a super mint 1955 Chevy with a 570 cubic inch motor, a GMC blower and it has the Auto Cool 85 to control the radiator temperature.  Note the lower right photo that shows the 85 amp controller installed in the back seat floor board.   The shop put in two 13 inch Spal fans behind the radiator.


Hello Darryl:


Your Auto Cool III still works perfect, all the time. I actually like all its functions. 

One thing it does that Derale’s doesn’t is control the fans even when the a/c & heat fan switch in the cab is turned off. 


Jamie Allen

Las Vegas, NV

Alex has one of the cleanest Datsun Z cars around.   He purchased the Auto Cool II (left photo) and then up graded to the Auto Cool 50 controller in the right photo.   This Z shows real pride in owner-ship.   Note to all Z owners.  If you are looking for quality used Datsun Z parts contact Mark at Mike's Z Shop in Whittier, California. 

Darryl in Pasadena installed the Auto Cool 85 in his classic Jaguar!   Now the radiator and engine temperature is nice and solid were it should be!  

This is Dave's Jaguar Challenger E type in the United Kingdom.  He installed the Auto Cool 50 controller to keep the radiator temperature constant.   This would be a rare car to find in Southern California.

This is Brian's classic Mustang with the Auto Cool 85 radiator fan controller.   Brian told me that he had to watch his volt meter drop every time his old relay controller swithed on the fans.   However, that all changed with his Auto Cool 85 controler seen in the upper right corner of the right side photo.


Brian remarked in an email: 

"I'm used to watching my voltmeter go from 14.2 volts  (with the old relay controller) to immediately under 12 volts whenever my fans kicked on.   Now I keep psyching myself out that the fans aren't operating or something has malfunctioned since I don't notice a major current draw at all."  "Even at their peak current draw the charging system is still happy above 13 volts."   "Brilliant job on this pulse width modulation controller."

This is a classic 1975 Blazer that has the Auto Cool 85 controller installed.   It belongs to Rob in Vancouver, Washingtion.   He used the  Griffin Radiator, Custom Shroud designed by DK Customs, two Spal 12" Extreme 2000 CFM each.     Sits in a Classic show quality 1975 K5 Blazer.  Rob's email quote:  "Thanks again for all your help and a great product."

The Auto Cool 85 was installed in this mint Mustang and you can see it in the upper right corner of this photo.  

This is a classic 1965 Mustang with the Auto Cool III controller.   It also has two Derale fans and a quality aluminum radiator.   


Hello Darryl,


Today I have my first ride with the new fan controller. We had 86 degrees and the water temperature never went above 200 degrees. Usually at these temperatures, the water temperature was always too high, especially in stop and go traffic, but today there was no trouble and I could enjoy the ride. Thanks for this great product.  I have the controller already recommended my Mopar-Friends. 






Auto Cool 85 has become very popular in the past year with its pulse width modulated fan control.   The Auto Cool Controllers monitors the radiator's outflow port and adjusts the fan(s) RPM in a CLOSED LOOP temperature control system.   By keeping the temperature of the radiator CONSTANT, this will prevent the "working" of the metal in your radiator.  

Here is a classic Ford using the Auto Cool III for positive radiator temperature control.

Michael installed the Auto Cool 85 under the dash board to control radiator temperature!


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