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The Auto Cool Guy brings you the new NO BUZZ controllers.  

The NB-100 and NB-50

We designed these new PWM controllers with the no buzz technology built in. 

They are rated at 50 and 100 amps with soft start, cool down timer, air conditioning fan speed control and Fail Safe.   We also incorporated the starter transient protection in this new controller.  Mount the NO BUZZ in just about anywere in your vehicle, under the hood, under the dash-board, under the back seat or in the trunk.



NB-100 chassis size:  6 X 7 X 2.  The NB-50 chassis  size is 6.5 X 4.5 X 2.5 and made from heavy aluminum plate for bottom heat sink.  Chassis are powder coated black with white silk screen.  FAN A & FAN B & GROUND brass studs are 1/4-20 on the

NB-100.  The NB-50 has only FAN and GROUND 1/4 inch brass studs.

Standard Brass sensor supplied with the NB controller.  Terminal lugs supplied are for Awg 8 cable for the NB-100  If your radiator OUTFLOW port is plastic, you will require one of our special sensors.   


    NB-100 PRICE: $225.00


NB-50 PRICE: $179.00

Proudly made in America without plastic parts!

Hello Darryl  

Well its been a couple of months now, and your NB-100 with the copper in line sensor is working like a champion.  It has dual fans with a shoud . I have invested a lot of money on this truck and had trouble with

the derale controllers . Your controller was easy to install , great instructions and diagrams. I dont even think about the temperature anymore. After I turning off the engine fans run for one minute exactly then turns off. Very happy with your products and will highly recommend to friends. Also I will be ordering another setup for my 70 mustang fastback. Thats my baby and I feel comfortable installing your controller knowing it will not let me down. Great work and communication, tech help. 



email received 1-11-2018

Look what I did

to his Nissan!

Lawrence in West Australia send us this photo of his 2015 Nissan Navara, driving on the 90 mile straight highway down under. 

His Auto Cool NB-100 was installed under the front seat to keep his

radiator temperature under control in the West Australia's hot desert.


Our new Buzz Box installed between the controller and your fan will cancel the fan buzz problem.

Toboris in Jacksonville, FL installed the NB-100 in his classic Chevy.



The Buzz Box:

This new simple device will cancel your fan's buzz.  Its 2.0 by 5.0 and 2.25 inches in chassis height.   It is connected between the controller's fan terminals and the

fan return or ground.   Brass 10-32 bolts at each end of the Buzz Box and ground terminals.   Free shipping within the USA.    Made in the USA with a one year warranty.     No DC power input required.

Use the Buzz Box with Auto Cool 50, 85 or the Auto Cool III controllers.







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