24 VOLT @ 80 AMPS

Order in Olive Green or Desert Sand color.

Convert your 24 volt military vehicle to DC electric fan cooling with Auto Cool III-GI.


Auto Cool III-GI will power two 12 volt fans in series or 24 volt fans.

This controller is just like the Auto Cool III but designed for 24 volts.


Many features:

Control the A/C fan speed with a small pot on the back side.

Fail safe will put the fans to full RPM with a small switch on the dash board. 

You can turn the Fail Safe on and off at will at anytime.

The Auto Cool III-GI will use the standard brass or copper inline sensor.

The radiator OUTFLOW port temperature controls the RPM of the fans.

Use the knob on the controller to preset the radiator temperature.

Like all other Auto Cool controllers, the GI has "Soft Start" to limit in-rush current.

Its time to remove that old fan clutch and install the Auto Cool III-GI.

Connect the FAN A and FAN B terminals together to balance the two outputs.

Connect the two FAN GNDs to chassis ground with short heavy wires.

If you have a plastic radiator OUTFLOW port, use the copper inline sensor.

The Auto Cool III-GI will be shipped with the standard brass sensor.


Call or email if you have any questions about our Auto Cool III-GI!