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The Ice Box from the Auto Cool Guy


Some cars have variable DC voltage to control the AC temperature.

The ICE BOX changes this to a solid 12 volts for your Auto Cool controller.

Made in the USA by the Auto Cool Guy

Greg installed the Auto Cool HF-125 in his classic 1966 Mustang.   

"Installation was easy  and it works like a charm

Here is the short version of the video showing before and after."   Thanks much from The Auto Cool Guy!

HF-125 B.jpg
HF-125 A.jpg
HF-125 C.jpg

I completed the install of the HF-125. Started the car and all seems to

be working fine in the shop. I haven't taken the car out for a drive

yet. Attached are a few photos showing the install and some

modifications I made. I fabricated covers for the top and bottom and ran

the wiring through the side. Once I test drive the car I will let you

know what improvement it makes. It already seems to be cooling better. I

ran it quite a while in the shop and it never went over about 178

degrees. I'll call after the test drive.

AC 200.JPG

Auto Cool 200  NOW IN BLACK CASE

Our most powerful PWM controller, rated at 200 amps.  It has the soft

start, fail safe and the cool down

timer. Base 8 x 5.5 inches


Auto Cool DX-150 

Our new push button 150 amp PWM radiator temperature controller with 10 led to show percent of PWM.  It has soft start, cool down timer and fail safe. Base size 6 x 7 inches.

Auto Cool 55 

Our 55 amp PWM controller with soft start, fail safe and the cool down timer.

Designed or  6 and 4 cylinder vehicles not large V8 engines,

Please watch this video before you purchase that brand X controller from that "racing company."  It

will save you a lot of hassle, time and money. 

The Ice Box


This small device will keep your A/C fan speed constant with your A/C valve control voltage going up and down.  It will give you a constant +12 volt output to your controller's A/C input.   A blue LED shows DC output.  Designed for most European and BMW type cars.

Case size:  3 X 3 X 1.75 inches.



Mike in Brewster, MA is putting our Auto Cool III in this super Mopar to control radiator temperature.  He has become a repeat customer.

Watch this video on our Auto Cool III controller.  We have sold hundreds and hundreds of these around the world.  We have them in Blue and Black, let us know the color you want.

HF-125 4-6-2020.jpeg


"The unit is perfect. Finally got it all buttoned up and it is keeping things nice and cool. Figured I’d send over a pic of the install - took a bit of fab work to get all the new electrical stuff nicely positioned for service. Thanks again for the great product and the excellent customer service!"        BASE: 5 X 6 INCHES 

Aaron Stone 4-6-2020

AUTO COOL 85 A.jpg
AUTO COOL 85 B.jpg

The fan specs are, Derale 18217, 17” High Output pusher or puller without changing anything.  I only seem to hear the BUZZ when it is shutting down or when it is going slow.  Before I got the AC 85 I had wired low speed with one relay to key and hi speed with another relay and a T stat so it didn’t draw much on the relays but it ran from the time I started tell I shut it down. Yours is much more precise and reliable. I will try to do a video this weekend.

Thanks again


From the desk of

    Chris Mueller

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