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The HF-125 is our new high frequency controller that operates at 7,000 Hz.   This is the controller you want if you are going to power a BRUSHLESS fan motor.   It will also power any brush type motor.   It will prevent fan BUZZ ound in some Asian fans. 


However, the HF-125 may have a "TONE" with some fans.  So we will include a filter capacitor to install across your fan if you discover  this  problem.    If you have two fans, you will need to order  a second filter fapacitor from our on line store.


The BUZZ is caused by the fan and the amature not being tight

and shows up with low frequency controllers.   It will be real loud at low fan RPM.


 Our HF-125 has soft start and the cool down timer.   .   Two large 1/4 inch brass studs for fan and ground power.    The top and bottom of the HF-125 is made from 1/8 inch aluminum plate for a heavy duty heat sink.   The top case in powder coated.


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