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The Auto Cool III:  At this time we only have blue cases.  We have been building these for over ten years.   Its rated at 125 amp peak.  Like all our controllers, it controls the OUTFLOW temperature of your radiator.


Do not use this controller for BRUSHLESS FANS.  The fan will vibrate at low RPM.


It has Soft Start, Fail Safe, A/C fan speed control and a cool 

down timer.    Our Auto Cool III comes in blue due to high

demand.  This controller and all our products are covered with

a full year warranty.


If you have a fan BUZZ at low RPM, its due to the shaft and fan blade not being tight.   CURE: Change fan, or order the fan filer F-101 from our on 

line store.


Sorry , ut of BLACK cases, only blue controllerls at this time.


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